Can’t wait to be married here on September 27!!!!

This venue has so many great things to offer and every feature of the property is picturesque.

This family owned venue is an amazing place with breathtaking surroundings! Having any event here you know you will be taken care of and have a great time!

Best wedding venue there is!!! Terry & Kathy really go above and beyond helping you with whatever you need! They help you walk through the rehearsal and running everything during the wedding! They let you use any of there decorations, give you ideas and helped set up. I have been in and helped with several weddings and have never had a better venue! I could not have asked for more from a venue, worth every penny!

The Spain wedding was absolutely beautiful. My favorite part of the big beautiful barn were the chandeliers from New York perfectly placed. They make the barn sensational. So happy for you – and your dreams.

This place has been a long time coming! So happy to be a part of it! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful brides stand in front of those barn doors!

About time we have a beautiful place for weddings!

Oh my my… That is the most Fabulous, Exciting Idea … I have ever heard of in such a small town in East Texas.. Wish a Great Success ! Many Events, Charishible Memories to be made in such Awesome Beautiful Barn !!!

This place was so beautiful and peaceful before the building of the barn, I just know it is going to be absolutely breath taking when it is all finished! All wedding parties that will be involved in the future of this place I’m sure will have their dream wedding! Kathy Strong, Aaron and I couldn’t of made our wedding possible without you, I am so happy you now have a place of your own to make others fairy tales come true! So excited to see all the beautiful brides to be!!

The pictures do not do this beautiful venue justice! My son was married at Union Springs, and it is a memory we will always cherish! Terry and Kathy Strong, the owners are wonderful.

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